British Shorthair Breed Information.

The British Shorthair is compact well balanced and powerful, showing a good depth of body, a full broad chest, short strong legs, rounded paws, tail thick at the base with a rounded tip. The head is round with a good width between the ears, round cheeks, firm chin, large round and well opened eyes and a short broad nose. The coat is short and dense. The British Shorthair is a muscular cat with an alert appearance and slow to mature, a fully grown female may weigh about eight pounds, while a mature male may weigh twelve pounds or more.

The British Shorthair comes in a variety of colors, Lithodara cattery has Blues ,Blacks, as well as Silver, Brown and Blue Tabbies.

All our  females live in the house with us,  their kittens are therefore well socialized and used to living in a home with modern appliances, unlike some kittens who have been bred and kept in cages.

They are well mannered and generally affectionate they will get on with other cats and dogs.