Conditions of Sale.

Kitten Qualities

Show Quality :- Kittens sold with possibility of good performance in the show ring ,sold with registration papers.
Breeder Quality:- Kittens sold with qualities valuable to a breeding program, sold with registration papers.
Pet Quality:- Kittens sold as a pet , registration papers will be withheld until proof of altering or spaying has been provided by a licensed Veterinarian.
The seller guarantees that the kitten as described above is in good health at the time of purchase and provide the seller with current health records.
The seller will send the necessary papers to register the kitten with the C.C.A. and or  with the C.F.A.

Buyers Responsibilities

Buyers Responsibility :- The kitten(s) must be examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 48 hours of purchase. If examination reveals signs of an illness or hereditary malformation the seller agrees to refund the full purchase price upon the kitten(s) immediate safe return .
A detailed written statement from the Veterinarian must also be supplied at this time and the buyer is expected to immediately inform the seller that the kitten will be returned.
The Kitten shall be shipped back to the seller by the safest possible means to the buyer at the buyers expense.
The buyer shall obtain insurance for the full value of the kitten for the purpose of shipping.
If the illness is minor and not hereditary or genetic the seller reserves the right to remedy the situation.
The buyer will tender the full purchase price for the kitten and any extra's at or before delivery by means agreed by both parties.
The buyer will provide a comfortable and safe environment and exercise care and diligence for the maintenance of the kitten, including regular veterinary health checks, annual vaccinations and sound nutrition.
The buyer shall keep the kitten for the rest of its life unless unforeseen circumstances make it impossible, at which time the buyer will notify the seller.
The buyer agrees that the kitten shall not be declawed.
The buyer shall not allow the cat to run free out of doors.