Lithodora Cattery


Many of our kitten owners and breeders have come back to buy a second,  third or fourth kitten from us. Below are a typical testimonials.

Dear Val:
We would like to thank you for the wonderful kitten we received from  you.
Moggy is a wonderful addition to our family and enjoys a spectacular 
relationship with Jon meaning he follows Jon wherever he goes,

Moggy  is very well socialized and fit in right from the get go, which signaled to us that he had been raised with plenty of affection and 
independence. Moggy loves to tease and play with the other cats and has certainly made both of us fall in love with him.
One of the most endearing things that Moggy does is when he is ready  for bed, he jumps up on our bed, flops down and meows for us to get a  move on.

We have come to the conclusion that Moggy owns us and not  the other way around.
In fact getting a kitten from you was one of the best decisions we  ever made.
Jon and Jo-Ann

Galileo has just celebrated his first birthday!  I can just remember the day when I first met him in the kitten room.  He was this little ball of fur, not more than 4 weeks old.  He had such a sweet disposition.  I knew after a year of searching he was going to part of my family.

I have had no problems with Galileo adapting to urban life.  He has such a fantastic temperament and personality.  He is also extremely social.  I am sure it is because he spent his first months of his life under the loving care of his mom and Val.  I have never met a cat with Galileo’s or Phoebe’s amazing personalities before (Phoebe is who I coined as the cat who started it all.  She was the first Brit I met from Lithodora.  Phoebe is the one who instigated my long drive to Lithodora to meet Galileo.).  

I can’t you how much the little guy warms my heart.

Thank you to everyone at Lithodora,

Winnie Wong

Toronto , ON